Our Vision

The Tri-City Dog Park Society was founded to promote, establish, and maintain off-leash dog parks in our community.

Since 2005, we’ve raised community awareness of dog parks, held demonstration dog parks, and raised funds to help open the first dog park in the Tri-Cities area. We worked with the City of Richland Parks and Recreation Department to open a 1⁄2-acre temporary dog park located at Badger Mountain Community Park.

Paws-abilities Place, the permanent dog park, was opened in October 2011. It is also located at Badger Mountain Community Park. We continue to work with the city in regard to rules for the park, expansion, and more.

Board Members
Tri-City Dog Park Society
Jeannie Snyder

My name is Jeannie Snyder. I am a proud mom of 4 kids, ranging from 4th grade to college-aged and I work for the Richland School District.
I have an energetic and very spoiled husky which led me to Paws-Abilities Place! After hearing that the park is maintained by a non-profit group, I wanted to help out as much as I could. I have been volunteering for 2 ½ years now, since I found it was something I truly enjoyed doing for the dogs and the community. I have also met some great new friends here over the years!

Vice President

Aimee Oropeza

My name is Aimee Oropeza. I graduated from Central Washington University with a degree in Accounting. I am married and have lived in Richland since 2002, where I currently work as a Data Analyst. My husband and I are currently owned by one dog and one cat.

Katie Hofer

My Name is Katie Hofer. I graduated from Dakota State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and am currently working on a Masters in Educational Technology. I am married and have two fur-babies. Artemis is my cat and Koga is my husky-mix. Koga loves the dog park, so we are there almost everyday! Since we were there so often, I decided I wanted to help out as much as possible! This led to me becoming a board member. Both of us have met so many great people/dogs at Paws-Abilities and we absolutely love the community we have found here!

Tri-City Dog Park Society Bylaws
Document (updated 12-13-2017)