Dog Park Rules

Paws-Abilities Place is a no leash park for dogs; other animals are not permitted within the fenced area. Use the park at your own risk and please help us keep the park safe by observing the following regulations.

RMC 7.03.190 Any dog reaching the age of seven months of age must be licensed, with the exception of service dogs and nonresidents staying temporarily within the City for not more than 30 days. All licensed dogs shall be vaccinated for rabies and spayed or neutered.

Owner responsibilities
  1. Accept responsibility for any damage or injury caused by you or your dog.
  2. Bring no more than 3 dogs into the park at one time.
  3. Remain in the park, keep dog(s) in view and in voice control at all times. Control your dog(s) excessive barking and noise.
  4. Pinch or choke collars are not permitted inside the park, please remove these items before entering.
  5. Clean up any dog droppings made by pets.
  6. Bag all droppings before depositing them in provided receptacles.
  7. Prevent dog(s) from digging and fill any holes created by dog(s).
  8. Female dogs in heat are not permitted in the dog park.
  9. Remove your dogs if they are showing any signs of aggressive behavior.
  10. Dog(s) need to be up to date on vaccinations
General rules
  1. Dogs shall be leashed when entering and exiting.
  2. Dogs shall be more than five months old.
  3. Children under 10 years are not permitted and between 10 and 14 years olds must be supervised by an adult.
  4. Do not approach other people dogs without permission.
  5. Do not bring glass containers or food inside the fence.
  6. Do not run, as this triggers prey and chase responses from dogs and may lead to injury.
  7. Bicycles, skateboards, motorized vehicles, etc. are not allowed.